The Good (…The Bad, The Ugly)

I don’t want people to think I’m down on everything the Adventist institution does, just because I talk about things that aren’t not okay. Because I only want the best for this body of believers. So I want to take this opportunity to highlight a worthy denominational initiative.

Providing free medical help to people in the San Antonio area is a great thing. It’s action, not talk. And it will make a difference in people’s lives. I would love to see the church to more stuff like this. So good job to everyone involved—especially the volunteers!

That said…

I do like hearing about initiatives that help people but I don’t like Christian’s pulling PR stunts (having read Matthew 6:2 and all). What’s the point of giving away this free health care right before the General Conference session? In the same location the GC session is taking place? It’s not like the denomination picked a random time and place to trumpet the fact that it was dishing out $10 million worth of aid. Please tell me it’s another attempt to sell Adventism

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