Simple Logic

Humans aren’t perfect. Adventists are humans. Adventists aren’t perfect.

Leadership implies responsibility. Not all Adventists are leaders. Some Adventists have more responsibility than others.

Leaders succeed by empowering those being led. Leaders fail by empowering themselves. Successful leadership isn’t selfish.

Neither as a member or employee of the Adventist system have I EVER felt empowered. I have traveled the country meeting a surprising (and not so surprising) amount of people who feel exactly the same. The Adventist institution is failing me and many other individuals.

Leaders and organizations with nothing to hide are transparent. Data owned by, and decisions made by, the Adventist organization is/are essentially impenetrable to lay membership. The Adventist institution, and it’s leaders, have something to hide.

Anything less than 100% transparent is murky. Being 1% transparent is not the same as being 99% transparent. HOW transparent Adventist leadership is matters.

Leaders are always chosen. Followers allow leaders to lead. Followers are never obligated to follow any given person or regime.

Leaders are people. You are a person. You can be a leader.

Christians follow Christ. Nothing else makes a person a Christian. Belonging to a denomination with a trademarked name, schools, hospitals, church buildings, book stores, leaders, lawyers, trust departments, board members and tithe envelopes does not make a person a Christian.

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