The Truth Will Never Mind

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This isn’t for fun. This is a test.

See, the truth never minds when people ask honest questions. It’s the truth. It thrives in the open air. It doesn’t want to, or need to, be covered up.

On the other hand, you know when someone has something to hide, something to cover up or something to lose when they try to prevent an honest discussion.

When the fear and the guilt start getting lathered on real thick, I get suspicious. When excuses make an appearance, I get suspicious. When someone dismisses honest questions about the church with a quick shrug, I get suspicious. When smokescreens are deployed, I get suspicious. When blinders are provided, I get suspicious—and I don’t put them on.

These suspicions are good indicators that someone is trying to hide the truth from me.

But I want to live in reality. I want to be part of a functioning, useful church. I want to do my best for God.

If a person really cares about me—if they care about God—if they care about the church—they will try honestly to answer any questions I pose to them. If they don’t have an answer, they’ll think. They’ll do some research. They’ll investigate. They may say, “I dunno.”


When someone is trying to shut me down, when I see the signs I mentioned above, I know that I’m onto something. When people begin defending things that have no business being defended, I don’t stop digging: I build a mine. I keep extracting until I’ve come up with the truth.

It’s okay to question. It’s good to discuss. God gave you a mind: that means you’re not mindless. You’re nobody’s puppet.

The truth will never mind.

John 8:32

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