20 Questions

Many Adventists have honest questions about their denomination. They deserve honest answers. Now. Because the truth will never mind.

If you’re an Adventist, especially a Millennial or member of Gen Z, do yourself the following favor: don’t let one more week pass until your pastor, your parents and every Adventist friend of yours makes an honest attempt to answer the following important questions:

  1. What’s the point of the church?
  2. Is serving God the same as serving the church?
  3. Is the church supposed to serve me?
  4. Does it?
  5. How so, specifically?
  6. Do some people love the Adventist church more than they love God?
  7. Does, and should, my opinion actually matter to my denomination?
  8. Are things being decided for me that I should be deciding for myself?
  9. What authority—if any—do and should church “leaders” have over my life?
  10. Despite it’s tax-exempt status, are there times when the church is more of a business than a blessing?
  11. If the church was started by a bunch of young trailblazers… where did they all go?
  12. In the age of the Internet, is my denomination transparent enough, and specific enough, with me about how my tithe dollars are used (and how they are not used)?
  13. Has the church’s focus on Christ’s second manifestation undermined—or even excused—a focus on modernization?
  14. If so, is that acceptable?
  15. How in the world can the guy who just trashed that nice visiting couple who brought coffee into the sanctuary possibly be reading the same Bible as me?
  16. In theory, or in practice, could the Adventist church ever become so messed up that God would turn His back on it?
  17. Is that like what happened to the Jews, even though they were God’s chosen people?
  18. Even though I don’t want to leave the church, is it possible that the church is leaving me?
  19. Is it possible to be an “Adventist” in beliefs, but not in name?
  20. What if, after serious, prayerful, heart-shredding contemplation I come to the conclusion that the Seventh-day Adventist church is no longer the best place for me to be a Seventh-day Adventist?

If the above questions have not been answered to your satisfaction, and with honesty and integrity, stay tuned. Don’t accept the usual excuses. You’re not alone. Not even close. There are Adventists all around the world, many who are young, who want and need to see some big changes made within their denomination.

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