Coldplay’s Paradise: Adventism’s Missed Opportunity

Paradise by Coldplay. Ever heard it? Seen the video? This song does a better job of priming people to hear about the gospel than any Adventist evangelist or ministry ever has or probably ever will.

Paradise is the story of a kid who expected a great world to live in (when she was just a girl, she expected the world), has their hopes dashed by reality (life goes on it gets so heavy, the wheel breaks the butterfly) and ends up longing for something better (she’d dream of paradise). In other words it’s the story of every single person who has ever lived—ever. I mean COME ON. “The sun must set to rise”… are you kidding me? This is Christian gold…

It’s emotional. It succintly and powerfully captures the essence of the situation we each find ourselves in here on Earth. Listeners are left with the unasked question (to which Christianity has a very important answer): why?

Why is there suffering? Is there something better? And just like that… why becomes how.

Powerful. Find the full lyrics here.

On YouTube alone the video for Paradise is approaching nearly 856 million views. On Spotify, Beats, iTunes, etc. the song has a mind-bogglingly amount of streams/downloads. It’s safe to say it has been heard many billions of times.

Too bad Adventists didn’t write this song. Couldn’t write this song, really.

Here’s the video:


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