Christianity Minus Creativity

Add this to the list of questions that must to be asked and answered by Adventism now, not later:

How can a church that claims to serve the Creator do so with such an astounding lack of creativity?

Sometimes the truth hurts. But it never minds.

Seriously. How can such an unimaginative denomination, a denomination that takes the Sabbath so seriously—the Sabbath!—a memorial to God’s creativity—even claim to be representing the Creator well? I mean 99% of church websites look like they came from the beginning of the Internet? They’re embarrassing. A website is seen as an expense, rather than an asset. It’s not like anyone would Google a church before visiting, compare it with other websites they’ve been to and make some kind of judgement about the people running it or anything.

This is the age of the Internet, not the dawn of it. Young people out in the world don’t connect with other young people out in the world by swapping magabooks and handbills with each other. They use apps like Snapchat. And Yik Yak. And Yo. And many others. Their methods of communication are always in flux.

How are Adventist administrators acting so dumb even though they have *smart*phones? Is it because having a smartphone isn’t the same as knowing how to use it, creatively? Just like being on Twitter or Facebook isn’t the same as knowing how to use them, creatively?

But the Adventist church doesn’t really get it. Or they don’t care to get it. The Adventist church isn’t run by young people. That’s why Adventist Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds are full of exciting church news and illustrated scripture pictures. It’s simply not good enough—and neither are the excuses.

See, people today, especially young people, crave creativity.

Hundreds of thousands of man-hours have been poured into crafting the apps, movies, ads, music, logos, services and products young people consume on a daily—even hourly—basis. From fashion to architecture—and especially in nature—they see talent and genius, resourcefulness and imagination, cleverness and originality.

Every molecule in a young person’s environment screams at them provocatively—ferociously competing for their limited time and attention.

That is until they enter an Adventist building, click onto an Adventist website or tap to open an Adventist app (if that ever happens outside of GYC circles). Then their attention immediately implodes. That, or a savage cognitive dissonance detonates in the sub conscience, searing their brains like a scorching bolt of soul-withering lightning.

They realize that Adventism is not as creative as the secular world. Those who claim to represent the Creator, aren’t creative. Hollywood is creative. Silicon Valley is creative. It doesn’t make sense. It’s backward.

Creativity is a language. Perception is reality. It’s sad that McDonald’s is unquestionably more creative than the church in it’s advertising and it’s not even touting something that’s good for people. How did that happen? And why? Don’t even think about saying money.

It’s a mindset.

It’s time for a new map. This denomination has made itself optional. A church that shuns real creativity is not okay with me. I guess that makes me an outsider.

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